These are the members of our society who won't play nice with energy.

Mostly pictures with an explanation where appropriate

Snack machines

Snack and soda machines sit around consuming energy 24 hours a day. When a vendor wants to put one in your business ask him how it will be controlled so it doesn't use energy when it isn't making you money.

Open door

Sure this door doesn't get used a lot, so why is it open 24 hours a day?

T12 lamp

This is in a refrigerated case, but T12 lamps don't make sense anywhere.

Can light

Can lights really are just big holes in the ceiling

Bad window

The person who bought this window saved $25 - $30. The person who lives in this house will pay that many times over in fuel bills.

Insulation efeated by wires

Well, the electrician isn't paying the heating bills here.

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