This page is devoted to pictures of icicles and snow melt patterns

This is sometimes beautiful, usually a sign of bad insulation and airsealing!

Ah winter! Not for the faint of heart

Snowmelt pattern on half the roof

This is seen out my back window. On the right is the part that was insulated by a professional, on the left is the DIY done with my advice.

underneath an ice slide

You would have to be pretty stupid to stand under this to take a picture.

Roof snow melt around skylights

Yes, skylights are tough to deal with.

spectacular icicles

I went crazy taking pictures of these icicles (at a municipal building). The department head thought I was planning a law suit or something.

spectacular icicles

More of same.

spectacular icicles

That's enough of that building for now.

More ice slides

Just a random ice picture.

If you are wondering why these pictures are so significant drop me an email.

If you have some great snow/ice on buildings pictures you would like to see here (with your photo credit) email it to me.

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