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As part of a blogging course, we were asked to define what our blog is about in one sentence. That’s not an easy task. I’d like to make it about everything that interests me, but that would dilute a lot of the building science content.

In no particular order, I’m interested in; history, animals, natural systems, reading, gardening, good discussions, cooking, photography, crosswords, brooks, appliance repair, craft beer, edge effects, woodworking, building structural analysis, education, hand tools, technology, and whatever else might strike my fancy on a particular day. If my blog was about all that I wouldn’t have time to experience any of those things. So I’ll stick to building science. But don’t be surprised to see some of those other interests make guest appearances. That’s where the second half of the assignment comes in, but that’s the next post.

Buildings remain my main interest. As I think about the 40 plus years I’ve been involved with buildings I realize that nothing has held my total interest for so long. One of the reasons is that I discovered how poorly buildings are understood. Buildings are complex, highly interactive systems. Most of us only see the smallest part of what’s going on in a building. That leaves us vulnerable to mistakes that can make us dissatisfied with our homes or offices.

My mission is to help you understand how to keep your personal habitat healthy and comfortable. That’s my sentence.

About Buildinggeek

I love buildings. I love thinking about how they are made and how they work. I am a building geek. I love to talk about buildings too. Get in touch.
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3 Responses to Sentenced to serve

  1. Emily says:

    Bill, I need to know what edge effects are. Please share in class tonight… I’ll be late, so wait for the girl with the curly hair to show up!

    • Buildinggeek says:

      Hi Emily,
      I got side tracked at class. Edge effect refers to the place where two different habitats or actions meet. You spend a lot of time outdoors so you see it. It’s where the forest and the field meet. That’s where there is a lot of action because different critters run into each other there. The most spectacular displays are the antelopes crossing crocodile infested rivers in Africa. But it has effects at many different scales.

      Where ever two or more different things come together, whether wildlife or weather systems, there is a conflict of some type. By paying attention to those seams in the fabric of the world you get to see where most of the action happens.

  2. Stacy says:

    We love this. It sets you up as the expert you are. Awesome photo.

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