When David Bowie released “Changes” in 1972 I was just short of legal adulthood. At that point in life everyone is experiencing change. 1972 was the tail end of the period we call the “60’s” (eras stubbornly refuse to acknowledge calendars), and change was somewhat turbulent.

Things smoothed out, as they tend to, but change never really stops. Everyday changes can slip by without causing a hiccup. Every now and then bumps happen, occasionally chasms appear. Somehow we cope, and perhaps grow. Like you, I’ve been through many, many changes. As a rule, I’m in favor of change. But if possible I like to have some input. So I’m making some changes, nothing earth shattering, but important to me.

First, Building Diagnostics will continue. The focus will change a bit, but I’m still committed to championing building science to help people have healthy and comfortable homes. And of course, businesses having healthy and comfortable work places. The main change will be how I approach working with my customers.

First, I’m ending the energy audit. Nothing I do will be called that. It was never a true or complete description of what a building science professional should be doing. If you want something by that name you can find it, but not here.

Why? Looking back over the years I’ve been in the building science field, the customers who have had the best results are the ones who I have had a relationship with beyond the initial building evaluation. Too many times I’ve handed over a report, often with detailed specs and goals, only to find out that either nothing was done, or worse, the wrong things were done.

Rather than one day evaluations, I want to work with people who are trying to solve problems with their homes, but need guidance through key portions of the work. Think owners rep. Beyond the initial evaluation I can work with homeowners to convey their goals to contractors. I can do quality control to see that work is completed properly. This is the number one point of failure, work that doesn’t accomplish what it’s supposed to. Also, I can offer translation services, contractor to homeowner, although as with any translation service, it’s an inexact process.

Also the DIY crowd could use some help. Most of the how-to books and shows are woefully misguided. The bad advice abounds, I’d like to change that. Lots of people are quite capable of doing competent work, but they really don’t understand how important the details are. A little coaching and demonstrating can work wonders.

I may offer some consulting for other building performance pros, such as spec writing, or reviewing action plans for areas that need tweaking. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, a pro or a potential DIY’er get in touch if you’re interested. I have a broad knowledge base to work from, maybe I can find a way to help.

More thoughts will follow over the next few weeks, input is welcomed. Stay tuned to this blog and watch the website for updates as well.

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I love buildings. I love thinking about how they are made and how they work. I am a building geek. I love to talk about buildings too. Get in touch.
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